Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to join the team and how much does it cost?

Must be in JHS or HS. You can be home schooled and you do not need to reside in Boulder City. You cannot have any failing grades. The cost for the season is $150 to join. Associate members are $40. It does cost per event to enter; usually $20 per event you are competing in. Many of the athletes share their equipment, but you will want your own eventually.

How often does the team practice?

We practice two days a week. Tues at 6pm - 8pm for timed events and Thursdays at 6pm - 8pm for rough stock. Shooting athletes practice on their own or with a coach. All athletes are encouraged to come to both days to help their teammates, even though that particular practice day doesn't feature their event. 

How often and how far are the rodeos?

Generally the rodeos are every 2 weeks starting in Sept until November, then there is a break until February. Then runs through May until the state finals held in Las Vegas. Distances for regular rodeos range from local counties like Clark, Nye and Lincoln to as far as Washoe, Eureka and White Pine Counties. Athletes are not required to attend every rodeo.  

Do I need a horse to be on the team?

No you do not need a horse. Some rodeo events don't require a horse. If you are interested in an event and don't have a horse, there are options like sharing a horse or leasing a horse. 

Do I need rodeo experience to join?

No you do not. We have plenty of advisers that are versed in many of the events, in which they will teach you. Plus, the other teammates will help guide and coach novice members.

Can I join the team, but not compete?

Yes. There is a position called associate team member. This enables you to be a part of the team and help out your team behind the scenes.