Volunteers needed for our rodeo


We use 6 timers, 3 for each arena. Timers sit in the announcer's booth. No experience necessary. 


Mostly for the Rough Stock event. Must know a thing or two about judging rough stock. 


Needed to flag when events start, end or if a foul is committed. Flaggers are needed for all the events.

Livestock Sorters

Folks needed to move cows into position for the roping events and steer wrestling events. Also need folks to sort the goats for goat tying. No real experience needed. Just need to be comfortable around cows and goats.

Stripping Chutes

Needed to assist in opening the rear arena gates when the cows are finished for the roping and steer wrestling events. Plus, get the ropes off the cows, if need be. 

Rough Stock Area

Pull gates and kick latches for the bull riding, bronc, saddle bronc, saddle steer and chute wrestling. Must be comfortable with these tasks. 

Barrel and Pole Setters

Set barrels for barrel racing and pick back up if one is knocked over. Same goes for the poles. No real experience necessary for this. 

Roping Chute

Help load the cows into the chute for roping and steer wrestling events. Pull latch for chute and so forth. Some experience needed, but easy to learn.

Equipment Drivers

Tractors to groom arenas and water truck to wet down both large and small arena. Must be a member of the BCHA to operate equipment.

Silent Auction Booth

Man the booth and monitor the auction each day. Make sure items are secure at the end of each day and collect money when auction ends. 

Rodeo Announcer

Must have experience calling a rodeo. 

Breakdown and Set Up

Set up day is Thursday at around noon and breakdown is Sunday at around 5pm. Help put panels up, banners and temp horse stalls. No experience necessary.